Datil Peppers

Pronounced ‘Dad-dle’ like rattle or ‘Dah-teel’ Signature Slow Burn & Naturally Sweet Heat


The Datil Pepper

A new (but old) ingredient you most likely didn’t know you were missing. A rare and mysterious pepper from st. Augustine, Florida. Known for its signature “slow burn” and naturally sweet heat, it provides a subtle blend of fruity, tangy flavor with a gradual, tingly and lingering heat.

Despite mysterious origins, it has been a culinary staple and centerpiece of old Florida cuisine for 200+ years. We suspect the datil originated in the caribbean, and was brought to Florida in the late 1700’s/early 1800’s, where it became a local treasure, and evolved over time into the unique pepper it is today. Our datil peppers are grown with care on a small (but growing) farm just outside St. Augustine.


Slow food foundation for Biodiversity

Datil peppers are listed under the Slow Food Foundation’s Ark of Taste - a database of heirloom and artisanal foods connected to a particular place or heritage that are at risk of disappearing. Our mission is to support producers and share our love for these special peppers.


Zab’s Datil pepper dispatch